Our Story

Running out of paper midway through the year. Competing with other teachers for 30 year old textbooks because there aren’t enough to go around the department. Altering curriculum due to supply shortages. As troubling as these scenarios are, they happen constantly at Crescenta Valley High School. And you probably were unaware of this, because despite it all, the teachers at CV did everything they could to provide you with a quality education.   CVHS students consistently test among the highest in the nation, and the standards of education are exemplary.

Funding per student is at an all time low.  However, teachers do not let this interfere with the quality of the education they want their students to receive, and these teachers spend their own income to buy up to date books, learning tools, supplies and materials.  

SCBC was created to help with these issues, and to give back.  How much was your high school education worth to you? Our ask is a simple small donation.  Our goal is to get as many small donations as possible.  CV has over 20,000 graduates.  We could all make a big impact on the next generation.  

Our Mission

The mission of Small Change for Big Change is to empower educators, impact students, and create community for alumni.

Collectively, we are committed to maintaining the excellence of Crescenta Valley High School.


We Recognize Excellence

We Support our Educators

We Engage Our Community

We Pay it Forward


100% of all proceeds go towards the benefit of educators and students